Stiint is a global platform that connects Contract Workers with Companies, Medical Practitioners and Training Centres within the Oil & Gas, Seafaring and Renewable Energy Industries.

Stiint is the comprehensive, automated solution in the regard of time and cost-effective contract-oriented recruitment. Our platform simplifies through its all-encompassing vetting process that includes the rating of the contractor's CV, qualifications and medical certificates.


  • Top-rated, pre-vetted Contractors on an exclusive and global database
  • Comprehensively screened and readily available
  • Contractors within a close geographic location
  • No job advertising required
  • Simplified and automated meaning instant results
  • Real-time updates available
  • 24/7 availability
  • Continuous searches and complete confidentiality of personal data


With over a decade's experience in the Offshore Industry and first-hand knowledge relating to all the frustrations, complications and inefficiencies encountered throughout the process of searching and applying for contracts, our founding partner is perfect for driving Stiint forward.

As a result of research and experience, Stiint is able to offer a substantially simplified contract application.